Mohammad Zubair condemns Daesh for using his photograph to spread disharmony

During the February riots in the Indian capital of New Delhi a photo of a Muslim man, lying bleeding and hunched at the centre of a violent mob weilding rods, sticks and even swords, went viral. Mohammed Zubair’s photo was shared around the globe, as symbolic of the Delhi communal riots that stemmed from the new Citizenship (Amendment) Act. However, the victim has shared a message of forgiveness.

With bandages still around his head, he spoke to Indian journalist Barkha Dutt in an interview. Zubair explained how he landed in trouble with the rioters during his return after prayers at a local mosque.

Meet the man behind the Viral Photo of Mob Lynching- Mohammed Zubair. I urge you all to watch this report. It will break your heart. “Disgusting”, he says on ISIS using his image. Through tears he says he wants to “forgive” his assaulters. Here’s why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSUsKBQU7Es&t=5s 








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