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Madhesh Pradesh welcomes DSA with fanfare-

The aboriginals should get their fair share - CB Gahatraj


August 26, Janakpur-

Alliance of thirteen partiesa nd fronts, Democratic Socialist Alliance (DSA) concluded Madhesh Province level joint election campaign today, with the formation of a provicne coordination committee.

A 19 member coordination committee was formed with the leadership of Ganga Mahato.

The election cmapaign includes training, vision sharing, and formation of the alliance at province level.

Sociala Unity Party chaiar CB Gahatraj was given a warm welcome at the VIP gate of the airport, and was escorted to the programme venue.

The speakers of the two day programme includes chairs and officials of SUP, NCP (Socialist), People’s Front, United Republican Front and others.

Short video can be watched here, by Courtesy of:




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