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Faith-led political parties brought together for potential collaboration and unification-

NCFN facilitates political dialogue, revives hope


Kathmandu, May 10-

Today, a discussion program was held on the topic of political involvement from the faith community, under the facilitation of NCFN which brought four parties together for deliberation.
The program was represented by the presidents and officials of the United Civic Party, Amul Pariwartan Republican Party, Jan Jagaran Party Nepal and National Mukti Andolan Nepal. Mangalman Maharjan prayed at the beginning of the program chaired by NCFN President Rev. Hanok Tamang. Coordinated by Dr. Simon Pandey, the program was conducted by Rev. Sher AC who also presented the concept paper. NCS General Secretary Dilliram Paudel, NCF President Sunil Maharjan, CNS chair Kabi Thapa and Benjamin Pradhan were present in the program.

Coordinator of this news phase of political dialogue Dr. Simon Pandey with welcame the attendees and commented that it is easy to start a political party but it is complicated to operate one. Yet, he added, that if all the parties come together, there is an opportunity to make history and contribute to nation building. Noting that  for him all parties and brothers are equal in leadership, he said that if all parties come together, he will support and speak in favor of the party.

After that, while presenting the concept paper, the organizer of the program and the general secretary of NCFN, Rev. Sher AC gave a detailed presentation on the issues of past mistakes and actions to be taken in the future, each in 20 points.

After that, the presidents of the parties briefly presented their party’s claims, bittersweet experiences of past unity efforts, hopes and disappointments for the future, commitment, flexibility and claims for unity and cooperation. The president of SaNaPa  (United Civic Party -UCP) expressed his heartfelt thanks to the organizing organizations and elders for organizing this program, while stating that UCP is open for unity and cooperation, and he also highlighted the party’s all-inclusive social democracy principle. UCP Senior Vice President Prem Karki emphasized that it is necessary for all parties and leadership to start from scratch with a heart of sacrifice and sacrifice. In addition, Dr. Tej Rokka, N. C. F. president Sunil Maharjan and some other representatives of the parties also commented.
At the end of the program, the chairman Rev. Hanok Tamang made some poignant comments on the ideas presented by the speakers. He expressed the commitment of the umbrella organization NCFN for supporting the parties if they came together unified. He made it clear that everyone should self-examine, be humble enough to learn, be free from the illusion that they are the only ones who know it all. He said we need real politicians, and not those who make political comments, but those who do politics and provide needed leadership.

There was a common understanding that this discussion was just the beginning and should be continued, that there is no other alternative but to establish the issue of the oppressed by uniting the parties.

It was a new stage in the long history of parties unification efforts ever since 2017, which saw some success in 2020, and in 2022, and then lost traction. The scribe is much hopeful and confident of a fruitful result this time around, with all the learning and hindsight from past experience.


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