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A Tale of Two ‘Acharyas’- Religious Discrimination at its worst:

How a terrorist is released and a preacher is prosecuted in Nepal


October 8, Kathmandu-

Acharya is a surname which means one who has graduated, or an instructed one in religion. Incidentally, both Acharya’s we refer to here are related to two religious communities.

Shree Niwas Acharya who got himself shot at in 2018

First, let’s look into the case of Shree Niwas Acharya, the Hindu guru or more accurately an activist who has a track record of fraud and terror at least since 2018. On April 8, 2018 in the morning wee hours he was shot at on his chest by some unidentified shooters. Immediately, his followers accused some Mongol Organization and Christians of trying to kill him. But soon it was revealed that Shri Niwas Acharya, then called “bal santa” or child saint, had staged the drama so as to incite religious sentiments of his followers against tother religious communities.  He was arrested as he was trying to fly to India, but was later released without due imprisonment.

Pastor Keshav Acharya, who got arrested for praying against COVID-19

Last month, the same Acharya showed another of his terrorist and extremist character when he called his followers to slash anyone who hurt their sentiment regarding the slaughter and meat eating of bovine animals. He was called by the Chief District Officer of Sunsari to inquire about such provoking speech. But was immediately released with the fine of just 500 rupees ($4, for perspective).

On the other hand, Pastor Keshab Acharya was arrested in 2020 regarding a short video clip in which he was seen rebuking the Coronavirus after the news of the pandemic came out of China. The pandemic had not reached Nepal and India at that time of the prayer, but later the police arrested him on the charge of spreading misinformation regarding the virus, by making him appear to claim to prevent or heal it by prayer. Clearly, the charge was a false one, but that led to a series of investigation of other videos of pastor Acharya baptizing new converts in another district, which after 3 years of legal torture, resulted in his being sentenced to one year of imprisonment.

For anyone observing from a neutral standpoint, this is sheer abuse of power by the administration, and the a intentioned exposition of the legal provision.

The divine injunction “You shall not have in your bag two kinds of weights, large and small,” has been violated.

We call on the concerned authorities to reassess the charges and deliver justice.

Shree Niwas being arrested: धर्मगुरु Shree Niwash Acharya परे प*क्राउ | कारण यस्तो?? | Shree Niwash Acharya News | Dharan News – YouTube




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