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Alternative politics is here to stay-

Does not depend on celebrities and apostates and regressives


kathmandu, January 29-

In a dialogue with Stya Suwal of CPN (Socialist) and journalist Keshav Luitel yesterday, I joined as the Spokesperson of Janajagaran Party Nepal.  

And it was a civil exchange of idesa nd viewpoints, not merely partisan ones, but we did not minc our words in evnagelizing our political and party lines either.

Among others, some interesting points were made by Mr Suwal, like now there is no space, or no hope for the alleged alternative politics, that minority communities need to come under CPN (Socialist) etc.

To which I differed. And mentioned at least two reasons for not accepting the claim. First, the alternative politics iitiated by late Ujjwal Thapa is now carried by Nepal Bibeksheel Party, led by Karma Tamang. Secondly, the fact that some activist backslid and some went onto the regressive, monarchical, one religion statehood does not mean the alternative politics has ended. Because it does not depen on celbrities, but on the commoners and it is a matter of mindset, not fanfare.

We who have tasted the light and liberty, cannot compromise and be ruled by some idiosyncratic despot or a monarch, or any kind of mopolistic autocratic ruler!

Now is the time not for bloody revolutions and bullets, but for ideas and innovations and balleets and delivery.

Old, tried and tested parties and big wigs who have been found wanting in character and competence are not the option. Alternative forces are the options!

You can watch the full interview here:



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