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Anti-missionary mission of Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane?

The directive to "closely monitor" religious activities draws ire from faith communities


Kathmandu, January 15-

Ministry of Home Affairs has circulated a directive to the District Administrative Office and local police office to “closely monitor” the activities of foreign missionaries, teachers and preachers of religion.
Outwardly, this directive may seem like religion non-specific, yet the reality being what it is and the history being what has been experienced, this directive is solely and exclusively meant for curbing Christian activities.
It comes at a time when the Home Minister Rabi Laamichhane himself is embroiled in serious cases of larceny and fraud of cooperatives, dubious death of his driver, and may more.
Many faith leaders and political entities have strongly condemned the ministry’s directive as a direct reflection of the Hindu-centric minister’s mindset and his party’s anti-Christian bias. May be an image of text
Some have mockingly but deep down really suggested him to first closely monitor the cases he has been allegedly involved in!
Here is the directive in its entirety, translated freely by the scribe himself:
Ministry of Home Affairs
Re: Necessary prosecution
To: all District Administration Offices
“It has been know that various persons and organizations have been organizing religious conferences and training programmes, where foreigners have been involved and their intent has been to convert people. Such foreigners have been involved in evangelization and proselytization, and some of them do not have visas either. Therefore, you have been requested as per the directive to closely monitor their illegal activities and prosecute (take necessary legal action on) them.”

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