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Average IQ by Country as per Wisevoter-

Japan ranks highest with 106.48 while Nepal ranks lowest with 42.99 points


Februay 14-

Wisevoter has published the average IQ of the 190 countries, which has caused quite a consternation here in Nepal as it is ranked the lowest. Some, specially those from the marginalized communities, have jibed that it is only natural for Nepal to fall last in this test as there are discimination, corruption, general hatred and indifference to novelty and new ideas in the country.

IQ, or the Intelligence Quotient, is a means by which we can measure the cognitive capabilities of any individual. Although theoretically there is no upper limit, IQ is measured on a scale from 0 to 200. It is determined through a series of standardized tests that assess the individual’s critical thinking and ability to identify patterns and sequences. The higher someone’s IQ is, the more intelligent they are considered to be. The average IQ is generally reflective of the overall well-being of a country. Indeed, the average IQ of a population is closely related to a variety of factors such as the quality of education available in the country, the quality of the healthcare system, the quality of the environment and nutrition, and the general quality of the political and economic systems. Therefore, countries with better levels of education, reliable and accessible healthcare, as well as a clean environment have a higher average IQ.

Almost all countries are measuring the average IQ of their population: over the years, it has become a useful tool to compare a nation’s population’s cognitive capabilities to another. One can note that Japan is considered to have the highest IQ in the world, while countries like Nepal, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guatemala have lower IQ scores, ranging from 42.99 to 47.72.

Countries with Highest IQ

Currently, the country with the highest average IQ in the world at 106.48 is Japan ranking first. Following closely behind is Singapore ranking second with an average IQ of 106.47. Taiwan comes in third place with an average IQ of 105.89. Hong Kong ranks fourth with an average IQ of 105.37. With an average IQ of 104.1, China ranks fifth while South Korea ranks sixth with an average IQ of 102.35. These five East-Asian nations are all very wealthy countries with developed economies and prominent urban centers. They also have a very strong education system and a culture of self-improvement that allows them to score so well. European countries like Belarus, ranking seventh, also have one of the highest average IQs in the world at 101.6. Finland ranks eighth with an average IQ of 101.2. Then comes Lichtenstein, ranking ninth, with an average IQ of 101.07. Coming in tenth place is Germany with an average IQ of 100.74.

Highest IQ Countries

1. Japan – 106.48
2. Taiwan – 106.47
3. Singapore – 105.89
4. Hong Kong – 105.37
5. China – 104.1
6. South Korea – 102.35
7. Belarus – 101.6
8. Finland – 101.2
9. Liechtenstein – 101.07
10. Germany – 100.74

Highest IQ Country

Japan is the highest IQ country in the world, with an average IQ of 106.48. This score is due to a variety of factors, most notably the highly educated population and their incredible work ethic. Japan’s educational system emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and creative thinking skills—all essential for developing high intelligence. The Japanese culture values hard work and discipline from a very early age, which encourages its citizens to strive for excellence in all areas of life. Furthermore, cognitive training games such as sudoku are incredibly popular in Japan and help the brain stay active and healthy while helping people process information faster. The combination of these factors results in individuals with higher levels of intelligence who have a greater capacity for learning than individuals with lower levels of intelligence. This explains why Japan has been able to consistently achieve its average IQ score over time.

Countries with Lowest IQ

The countries with the lowest average IQs have a number of factors in common that contribute to an overall low average IQ. Many of these nations have recently experienced significant population growth, leaving governments struggling to allocate limited resources to an ever-enlarging population. Another reason for the low average IQ is overall development levels, as nations within the top ten countries with the lowest average IQ are also among those which are ranked as some of the most underdeveloped nations in the world. Another reason for low average IQs is political instability, as this affects the development of solid educational systems that greatly helps improve IQ levels. Overall, these factors explain why the following ten countries have the lowest average IQ in the world, with Nepal ranking first with an average IQ of 42.99. Coming in second place is Liberia with an average IQ of 45.07. Sierra Leone ranks third with an average IQ of 45.07. With an average IQ of 47.72, Guatemala ranks fourth while Gambia ranks fifth with an average IQ of 52.68. Nicaragua, ranking sixth, has an average IQ of 52.69. Guinea ranks seventh with an average IQ of 53.48, followed by Ghana, ranking eighth with an average IQ of 58.16. Ivory Coast ranks ninth with an average score of 58.16. Finally, South Soudan ranks tenth with an average score of 58.61.

The Hidden Truth:

Countries with the Lowest IQ

1. Nepal – 42.99
2. Liberia – 45.07
3. Sierra Leone – 45.07
4. Guatemala – 47.72
5. The Gambia – 52.98
6. Nicaragua – 52.69
7. Guinea – 53.48
8. Ghana – 58.16
9. Ivory Coast – 58.16
10. South Sudan – 58.61

Lowest IQ Country

Nepal is considered to be the lowest IQ country in the world with an average score of 42.99. However, it should be noted that this figure was measured on a small sample of people, which is only partially representative of Nepal population’s average IQ, and thus most probably shows results far below what they actually are. There are, however, other factors that could help make sense of Nepal’s low IQ score. Nepal is a landlocked country located between India and China, which has long been isolated from many parts of the world and hence lacks access to modern facilities or educational resources. Additionally, poverty has been rampant in Nepal for many years, leaving little resources to build a strong educational system or even basic health care services. As a result, there is an overall less developed state among the population when it comes to intellectual capabilities such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, and understanding concepts that require deeper analytical thinking. Moreover, with limited access to higher education institutions both in Nepal and abroad, few people are able to gain knowledge or hone their analytical skills which further contributes to a low average IQ when compared to other countries worldwide. Ultimately, this leaves Nepal as having one of the lowest average IQs compared to all other nations across the globe.


Afghanistan has an average IQ of 82.12 and ranks as ninety-eighth in the world for average IQ. This is a result of factors such as poverty, malnutrition, and limited access to educational opportunities. Many parts of Afghanistan lack basic infrastructure and resources, including educational materials and qualified teachers. This contributes to lower academic performance among many Afghan children, leading to lower overall IQ scores compared to other nations. Research also suggests that armed conflict and political instability contribute to educational underperformance and limited access to educational resources which can adversely affect cognitive development and IQ scores over time

As the Holy Scripture records the Lord Jesus saying “Then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,” education and research and a reading culture is necessary to know the source of life, and true wisdom/education.

Hence, we once again refer to the book The Hidden Truth by Dr. Bishop Dambar Adhikari to our readership. A review can be found here:


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