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Burqa-clad Gunja Kapoor caught indulging in suspicious activities at Shaheen Bagh


New Delhi, January 5 -Anti-CAA protests at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh took a dramatic turn on Wednesday after a burqa-clad BJP supporter was caught secretly filming at the protest venue. Gunja Kapoor, who is followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter, was later taken away by the Delhi Police.

The commotion began after some protesters found Kapoor’s activities suspicious. According to some eye-witnesses, they became suspicious after they found Kapoor asking too many questions. Upon confronting her, they also found her using a camera.

On 1 January, Kapoor had tweeted thanking Modi for following her. Her tweet had read, “I couldn’t have asked for a happier New Year gift! Thanks a ton PM @narendramodi ji for this acknowledgement. We are your foot soldiers in building India as the Vishwa Guru. Really means a lot.”

Kapoor is often seen appearing on pro-government TV channels taking part in debates in support of the BJP.

In another video shared on Twitter, Kapoor is seen being grilled by local women protesters who question her claims of being a sympathiser from Lucknow. One woman is seen asking, “Why did you wear a burqa? You wanted to defame us. Don’t hide your face.”

When caught, Kapoor told the protesting women that she came from Lucknow and was a sympathiser of those staging protests against the CAA.

There have been several incidents of firing by Hindutva supporters at and near Shaheen Bagh targeting the anti-CAA protesters. In the first incident, a Hindutva terrorist was caught after he fired at anti-CAA protesters in Jamia area, injuring a student. In another student, Kapil Gujjar was caught after he fired several rounds at protesters in Shaheen Bagh by chanting Jai Shri Ram. The Delhi Police had later claimed that he was an AAP worker.


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