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Election Commission releases various Codes of Conduct, Press releases and info-

Important documnets for Parties, Candidates and Representatives


November 13, Kathmandu-

We have put together various documents and formats made available by the Election Commission for use by political parties, candidates and their delegates/representatives before, during and immediately after the election.

These can be very useful to voters and supporters as well, so that they may refrain from committing mistakes and also help their candidates follow the codes.

प्रतिनिधिसभा सदस्य समानुपातिक निर्वाचन निर्देशिका, २०७९.५.31

प्रदेशसभा सदस्य समानुपातिक निर्वाचन निर्देशिका, २०७९.५.31




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