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Four Party unification takes a new turn-

Christian community will be pleasantly surprised!


Lalitpur, February 05-

The third and final meeting and talk series among the four political groups occured today, joined by leaders from the Christian community, notably from the Christian Political Concern Forum (CPCF) led by Revd. Samuel Sangram Rai.

Though no particular progess toward unification was made, today’s meeting could be a turning point in this dialogue, for more than one reason.

For one, the independent Christian mediaperons’ group officially handed all their documents- minutes included- to Revd. Rai, coordinator of the CPCF.

Secondly, National Liberation Movement acknowldged they are ready to accept other parties/leaders as the chair of the executive committee if all parties agree.

Thirdly, the newly applied group Social Unity Party’s chair CB Gahatraj also accpeted they are ready to postpone and withdraw the party registration process if unity is reached.

Now, the ball rests in the court of JPN and APMP- the two major actors. APMP reitereated their claim for chairmanship, and demanded resignation of mr Gahatraj as the chair of FNCN.

JPN seemed more prepared than all the partcipants- as they submitted a 3 page written document, outlining the possibilities, steps leading to unification, and their stand on policy and principles. Also, known for their rather timid and tolerant approach, today they asked pointed questions of those who had questioned their calibre as a political entity, and demanded clarification.

JPN made it clear that they espouse democratic capitalism as their guiding political policy, and cannot merge with communal and communist forces.

Now the concern forum and the represnetatives of the media group will ork together for further efforts. They are to include any parties who agree for unification, leaving the unwiling ones alone.

It is a high time for all sides to be clear on their party line, and yet endeavor for true and meaningful unity.

Nepali version and much more updated details can be read here on the facebook page of this online:



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