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Gaidakot Grace Church land issue finally settled-

Thanks to all the parties!


September 02-

The much hyped Gaidakot Grace Church land issue (Nawalpur District, Lumbini) – which tragically became the stumbling stone for many hasty minds and skeptical hearts in leading them to end their political affiliations and personal relations- has finally been settled.

The mere 18 second long video is enough to remove the burden of mis and distrust, and mis and disinformation campaign launched whether intentionally or willynilly.

Pastor Prem Thapa, who is the leader of the local church in the land transaction, can be seen in the middle accompanied by a lady and pastor Bir Bahadur Tamang- NCFN secretary, displaying and acknowledging they received the land title deed. When asked by pastor Uddhab Chimoriya if they got ownership of the title deed (लालपुर्जा), he says, they are glad and have been glad always. Pastor Bir Bahadur chimes in, “Now my job here is over, and I am back to my job.”

This news and video is only, purely for the sake of clarifying, informing and setting the record straight- not for scoring any personal or party political points.

Thank you all!


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