‘Girl trafficking and violence on women are deeply ingrained in society’ -Bimala Thapa


June 3-

Addressing an online interaction programme on ‘Girl Trafficking and Violence on Women’ today, Asha Nepal Founding Director Bimala Thapa explained the plight of trafficked women and girls, and called for a radical overhaul on the existing laws and policies as well.

The traffickers are far ahead in assessing the literacy situation of the girls/women being targeted, and exploit the loopholes in every front, she clarified. Traffickers range from the closest of families and relatives to the agents and pimps. Therefore, all should be vigilant to fight them off.

Also, because of the social stigma on single mothers and babies born out of wedlock, innocent babies are being killed- she stressed. So, laws and provisions must be made to help single women, and acquisition of citizenship must be made possible through mother’s side also, she demanded.

During the QA session, many queries were put and clarified.

“It was a very informative session”, said Pooja Pariyar, also a protegee of Maiti Nepal, and a rising singer today.

The program was hosted by Keshab Koli, convener of Youth Gathering- a movement for transforming the nation.

Some portions from the Zoom meet:


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