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IPFN Wishes Merry Christmas to All Christians

-An occasion of celebrating salvation to humanity


December 25, Kathmandu-

Interfaith Peace Federation-Nepal (IPFN), a national network of interfaith movements and entities, has wished  a Merry Christmas to all the adherents of the Christian faith on the occasion of Christmas.

Christmas Greetings

The press release signed by Dr. Mahendra Bhattarai- the General Secretary of IPFN –  describes Nepal as a multicultural nation, and remarks that it is our common resposnibility to preserve and promoste such fesivals which help promote fraternity and harmony.

“May such festivals enhnance the sense of unity among all the Nepalese, and lead towards a prosperous nation,” IPFN wishes in the greetings.

You can read the enire release here:


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