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Keep trans propaganda group Educate & Celebrate out of schools-

A heavy concern by Christian Concern!


March 3

Christian Concern has put out a petition as follows:

Petition to: The Secretary of State for Education – Gillian Keegan MP

The government states clearly in its RSE and PSHE guidance to schools that they should“exercise extreme caution when working with external agencies” and “assess all resources carefully to ensure they are age appropriate… and are in line with your school’s legal duties in relation to impartiality…”.

The same guidance also says: “When deciding if a resource is suitable, you should consider if it… is evidence-based and contains robust facts and statistics.” 

We, the undersigned, are concerned that hundreds of schools across the country have breached this guidance by inviting the charity Educate & Celebrate to lead teacher training and provide teaching and workshops for children. 

Educate & Celebrate promote LGBT+ concepts and ideologies that are not just age-inappropriate but are unscientific, not evidence-based, and are not even recognised in law. 

The group’s CEO, Elly Barnes, has openly spoken about her desire to “completely smash heteronormativity”and encourages staff to chant “smash heteronormativity” when leading training sessions for teachers.  

As part of their quest to “smash heteronormativity”, Educate & Celebrate promote the idea to children they can self-select their ‘gender identity’ and it may be different to their ‘sex-assigned at birth’.

Educate & Celebrate openly advocate for the removal of gendered terms such as “boys” and “girls” and “Mr” and “Mrs”. 

Educate & Celebrate also promote books that are both age-inappropriate and push LGBT+ ideology and concepts onto children, which are not recognised in law. For example, ABC Pride, which is aimed at children as young as three-years-old and is authored by Educate & Celebrate’s CEO Elly Barnes, promotes the use of pronouns such as Xe / Xem.  

In addition to concerns about the content of what Educate & Celebrate promote and teach, we believe the group pose a significant safeguarding risk to children.  

Jordan Gray, a former patron of the charity who has visited primary schools to ‘talk about gender’ on behalf of Educate & Celebrate and has boasted that “toddlers kind of get it straight away”, was only removed from his role after exposing his genitals live on Channel 4’s Friday Night Live last year. Despite evidence to the contrary, Educate & Celebrate have denied Jordan ever visited schools. Rather than put safeguards and policies in place to prevent placing further children at risk, Educate & Celebrate have quietly removed evidence they worked with Jordan from their website and elsewhere.  

Many parents are disturbed by the completely age-inappropriate, ideologically driventeaching delivered by Educate & Celebrate to both teachers and pupils. 

We call upon you to publicly recommend that this radical group is not invited to train staff, or guide policy in primary schools. Further, to order an urgent review into their activities in schools. 

We believe Educate & Celebrate should receive no further public funding until a full review has been concluded. 

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