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Maradona dies; End of an Epoch; Hand of God:


November 25-

Diego Armando Maradona died today, aged 60. He is one of the best players ever. 
The Hand of God is the name given to the illegal football goal scored by Argentinian footballer Diego Armando Maradona in the quarter-final match between Argentina and England during the 1986 World Cup. The goal took place on June 22, 1986, at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.
Argentinian star – whose ‘Hand of God’ goal destroyed England’s 1986 World Cup dreams – suffers heart attack just two weeks after being released from hospital for bleed on his brain
  • Diego Maradona has died from at heart at home in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the age of 60 
  • It comes just three weeks after the former attacking midfielder had surgery on a blood clot in his brain 
  • Renowned for his stunning playing ability, he was also notorious for his wild lifestyle off the pitch
  • He had a history of health problems including heart attacks which were linked to his alcohol and drug abuse

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