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Milton Friedman Answers Smartly!


Sept 12-

Free to Choose writes: “In this classic Free To Choose Network footage (1978), Milton Friedman takes three questions from an audience member and crushes them all. The real problem is, that as we move from the local community to the state, from the state to the Federal government, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to control the mechanism we have established and that mechanism tends to control us.

That was the great wisdom of the founding fathers of this country, of the people who wrote the Constitution. That constitution was designed to limit government’s powers in order to preserve the freedom of the individual, and what has happened in the past fifty years is that the fundamental character of the Constitution has really been changed. We have broadened enormously the conception of what is a governmental power and what is not, and have departed from that limited government until we have created a Frankenstein, an unlimited government that threatens to destroy us.”


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