MP Rijal clarifies Nepal stance on boarder issue with India on NDTV

June 13-
NDTV had an interview this evening, after Nepal parliament unanimously endorsed the new map containing Lipulekh Limpiadhura.
In stark contrast to the rabid shouting match and uncivilized controlling bullying antics of Arnab Goswami of Republica TV, NDTV has a history of conducting civil discourses on important issues. And MP Rijal also emphasized on bilateral talks, and openness to to facts, records and data.
To quote NDTV:
Nepal MP Minendra Rijal says his country today is not the one 25-30 years ago. According to him, the area which India claims belongs to it was with Nepal till the early 1960s. After the Indo-China war, India had claimed it, he says. “We will resolve it diplomatically,” he says. He denies that Nepal is playing the China card against India. Nepal’s parliament today voted on a constitutional amendment bill in a special session to update the country’s map, which includes a stretch of land high in the mountains that India claims as its own. The House of Representatives opened the discussion on the amendment bill, which was put for voting after the deliberations were over.

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