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Over 60 persons resign other parties to join SUP:

SUP is the hope for the marginalized- Vice-chair K.B. Khati


October 30, Lalitpur-

Social Unity Party seems to be attracting a horde of voters from all walks of life even as the election draws near and formal election campaign period set by the Election Commission is yet to begin.

In the party manifesto release, party entrance and welcome/orientation programme organized at the party office at Yalakhim Restaurant, Tikhidewal, over 60 people were given party membership and welcome with khada shawl.

The progr amme was emceed by the general secretary, chaired by the party president, and attended by vice-chair and, deputygeneral secretaries and secretaries.

Vice-chair and spokesperson Tulasi Prasad Shrestha gave the welcome speech. SUP Province 1 Chair Indra Bahadur Rai clarified how he saw no hope in the Congress party despite nearly four decades of membership there, and why he joined SUP.

Addressing the programme, newly appointed vice-chair KB Khati (Kal Bahadur BK) highlighetd his experience in other parties, and challenged the purported nexus aimed against SUP, and called for support to the party.

Party Chair briefly addressed the progarmme and asked for vote not for the leaders, but for the party’s vision which is for the people ultimately, he claimed.

In view of the series of party entrance happening across the country, SUP seems to have made it difficult for other parties led by people from the faith community. This full week we have already been scheduled at various provinces and districts- the spokesperson informed.

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