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Party Unification Declaration Ceremony Held with Pomp


February 19,

Lalitpur –

Three political parties, namely Janajagaran Party Nepal, Naya Shakti Samajwadi Party, and People’s Party Nepal have merged and morphed into erstwhile Janajagaran Party Nepal.

The Unification Declaration Ceremony was held at Quality Banquet in Lalitpur, in the presence of leaders and representatives of various faith communities, advocates, rights activists, social workers, seniors of the community, political parties and networks and federations.

The ceremony hosted  by Janajagaran Party’s Spokesperson Bidur Adhikari, was chaired by party’s President, and the chief g     uest was Mr Surya B. Bal aka Hanok Tamang, a veteran social worker and the Chair of NCFN.

Mr Sunil Maharjan from Janajagaran Party, Mr Roshan Khatiwada (Founding Chair of) people’s Party, and Mr Ram P. Neupane (Founding Chair of) Naya Shakti Samajwadi Party addressed the need and circumstances that called for unity and solidarity. Then they brought their respective party flags and laid them down under the new flag of Janajagaran Party- signifying the total merger and unity of the parties into a new entity.

Besides congratulatory addresses by the chief and special guests, two active leaders: Milan Pariyar of NCP Maoist, and  Jitendra Ghimire of APM Party who terminated their affiliation with the parties, also were welcome as members of JPN by the party President Dr. Khanal.

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