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Politics driven by faith or politics along the line of religious identity ?

The future of minority politics in Nepal


Kathmandu, January 28-

There are divergent voices regarding the current buzz on politics based on faith-based identiy vs. purely economic and political lines though one need not divorce himself from his religious convictions. On the contrary, his religious convictions are the very foundation and driving force behind his political activism.

Bidur Adhikari_ JPN Deputy Spokesperson, addressing 2nd Central Convention

There is a fine line between the two- politics based on one’s religious idenitity on the one hand, and politics driven by one’s religious convictions but not necessarily limited to or not necessarily branding one’s religious idenity as the central defining element.

Some, failing to differentiate betweetween the two, have been advocating for Christian politics, while others are trying to prop up some blemished characters as sole messiah of the community.

My take is that, one can be sincerely driven to national politics based on one’s convictions without claiming superiority for merely belonging to a community.


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