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Prolific writer of poems in English-

N.P. Khatiwada's literary contributions getting recognized internationally!


October 27-Kathmandu-

NP as a teacher being awarded Teaching Execellence

N.P. Khatiwada, from Kathmandu Nepal is a teacher, Radio programme editor and presenter, and freelance writer and poet. He especially writes ‘gazal,’ a popular genre of poetry in Eastern literature, and also writes poems in English. Some of them have been published in different magazines, e-blog and online media nationally and internationally. He has received more than 600 excellent awards in poetey writing.

N.P. Khatiwada the poet

He has published an anthology ‘Bhawanako Tarelimaa’ – which can translate either as ‘Sequence of Emotions’ or ‘Layers of Feelings’ – a colletion  of Nepali gazals. His poems, as a co-author, have been published in some of the internationally acclaimed publications in books such as “The Peace Begins Within Us”; “I Love You Back to The Moon And Back”; “Life Is Beautiful”; “AN ANTHOLOGY OF POETRY FOR CHILDREN FROM NEPAL: PRATIBIMBA” etc.  Two other books of collections of poetry both in English and Nepali are under publication.

Nepali literature in English has a over a century long history beginning with the Ranas, and contributed by the poet laureate Devkota, and his successors. But then there was quite some haitus in English writing, until new generation of Nepalis came forward with the likes of Samrat Upadhyay and Majushree Thapa and DB Gurung and MK Limbu.

Lately, Khatiwada’s prolific writings and him being published internationally, that again in genres like poetry and gazals, speaks volumes about his literray prowess as well as the ability to marketize Nepali creativity and fragrance the world over.

The scribe had the opportunity of meeting him during zoom classes and has seen him raise insightful questions, provide solemn expositions, and express captivating resolutions- whether from the pulpit or on the paper, or on the street!

It really is a matter of pride that Nepali literature in English is made known to the world by the likes of N P Khatiwada. I wish him all the more suceess in his literary career.

-Bidur Adhikari


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