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Rule of Law and Respect for All is not optional!


January 31-

There has been a grave concern regarding the course Nepal as a nation has been steered into last couple month in particular, and the last couple years in general. Some even claim the course has been wrongly set for over a century now, with the failure of the first Constitutional Assembly in promulgating the new Republican constitution.

Whatever the demarcation point may be, it does not bode well at for a fledgling  republic like ours to be at the crossroads of tyranny, monarchy, religious nationalism on the one hand, the aspirations for a free society in an enhanced republicanism on the other.

The incumbent Oli government will do well if a consensus is reached with the oppositions, as per the agenda set by the civic society and actors.

As a media, we can only suggest at this point, but if and when pish comes to shove, we will not stay silent onlookers.

Let the constitution be a guiding north star for all!


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