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Singer Pariyar paints Christianiy in black-

One cannot afford to entertain such ignorance!


June 24, Kathmandu-

Folk singer Suman Pariyar has hit the music market with his latest “Paila paila Thes, Kathai mero Desh” (पाईला पाईला ठेस कठै मेरो देश), meaning “stumbling blocks every on step, oh poor my country”.

The depictions in the music video of the reality of the evils and corruption is beyond question. He has garnered paudits for the efforts, and rightly so.

That said, Singer Pariyar’s penchant for the past, for the monarchy can be seen in the very opening scenes where a family photo of the murdered King Birendra family is picked up, the King’s speech scene, then the revolution and the parliamnetarians thrashing chairs is shown.

Chapter 1: Rules and Regulation. He unruffles the photo, salutes it, and treasures it into the safety of his side bag.

Chapter 2: Caste (or casteism, more aptly) shows how how, when the singer nocks at a house seeki rooms for tenancy, but the landlady asks him of his name and knowing hs is a Priyar, she cites her old mother-in-law and refuses him tenancy, asking him not to cry caste discrimination. This scene rings true as there are many such cases where people from so-called lower castes are not given flats/rooms on tenancy. One wonders, if it ever occured to Mr Pariyar that had the owner been a Christian the issue of caste and untouchability would not arise!

Chapter 3: “Dharma” (Religion/Spirituality- whatever you may) contains objectionable scenes and dialogues where a man is luring another to convert to the Christian faith for money, and telling him to bring as may people to the faith as possible. Also, the two are lagter seen shoving a poor begger down. The section begins at 4:48 minutes and continues to 6:15 minutes.

Chapter 4: Employment- it is again realistic, as every day from 3000 to 5000 Nepalis leave the country for foeign employment.

Such mud-slinging on a religion that cares for the poor, the so-called untouchable, the outcasts of the society- it is going to draw flaks for such reckless distortion and depction of the Christian faith.

The scribe has asked the writer/singer Mr Pariyar to immediately remove the section on  religon that has painted Chrstianity in a totally false and negative light. If only he had got a copy of the Bible and read how the people of the book are commanded to take special care for the poor, orphans, the foreigners and the downtrodden.

Suman Pariyar is a classic case of one espousing prejudice to a faith system, a worldview one has not made any effort to comprehend. What makes it troublesome is his sort of celebraty status and the bravado with which he portraiys Christianity despite apprently having so little knowledge about it!


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