Social Unity Party purges itself of trouble-makers:

A lost hope of faith-led politics?


October 14, Lalitpur-

Social Unity Party has faced yet another internal dispute and suspension of key officials following a disciplinary action.

Releasing a press note after a heated conclusion of the party’s central executive committee meeting, the  party’s general secretary outlined the reasons and demanded a written clarification to be submitted to the party office within a week.

The establishment side has claimed the dissidents of causing disruption, spreding disinformation, and stealing or misappropriating and misusing party’s properties like stamps and documents.

The dissident faction has blamed the president and the general secretary of exercising autocracy and causing problems.

The faith community is shocked by all the issues in the party for last three months, beginning with the separation of Janajagaran Party faction.

DSA also became a bone of contention, about which the party was much hyperbolic and proud, not so long ago.

DSA has accepted guitar- SUP’s election sysmbold- as its own election symbol.


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