Psychology and Attitude

Some Useful Psychological Facts-

The last one will blow you!


December 1-

  1. Being bilingual doesn’t just make you sound smarter, it actually makes you smarter.
  2. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between real and fake confidence, so if you act confident, your brain will start to believe it.
  3. Memories are more like jigsaw puzzles than exact photographs.
  4. When you feel short on something, like money, you become fixated on it.
  5. We’re more likely to remember things that we hear in a funny voice. That’s why cartoon characters and comedians stick in our minds.
  6. If we didn’t receive any compensation, we might convince that a boring task was fun.
  7. Even if it’s a fake smile, it can trick your brain into thinking you’re happy.
  8. The average person has more partners than smart people do. The more intelligent a person is, the more

    selective they become.

  9. Less information processed by the brain can cause time to seem like it’s passing quickly. Boredom could be a signal from the brain to seek out something more interesting.
  10. Procrastination can actually be beneficial. It allows your mind to wander and come up with creative solutions.
  11. When something bad happens, people are more prone to point the finger at someone.
Some positivity-generating tips:
  1. Compliment a random stranger.
  2. Danced like a fool and not care who was watching.
  3. Sing your favorite song in loud voice. Even if you are not good at it just sing- till your neighbor complains.
  4. Give everyone a reason to remember your name.
  5. Let go of unnecessary worry.
  6. Any old/poor lady who sells vegetables in road side, buy from her and don’t bargain. Give extra money to her. You will feel happier, even more. 🙂
  7. Visit old age homes.
  8. Give a powerful speech in front of your elders.
  9. Fall in love, experience what is love.

This one will blow your mind:

Our thoughts and words can become self-fulfilling prophecies! So be careful! Look at Job, the most righteous man ever lived, besides the Lord Jesus Christ himself! What did Job say:
“What I feared has come upon me;
    what I dreaded has happened to me.” 

Therefore, always maintain a positive attitude and an uplifting speech.

Happy reading!


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