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Special Broadcast – Situation in Israel:

c4i prays for peace


October 10-

Christians For Israel International has this special broadcast on the situation in Israel:

Watch our broadcast on the situation in Israel from Monday, Oct. 9, with in the studio: Peeber Koelewijn of Christians for Israel, who was in Israel last Saturday when the violence erupted. He shares what he experienced and reflects on the situation.

Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer, who responds to the situation and prays for Israel. Furthermore, Sara van Oordt speaks with Mirjam Reijnen and Benjamin Philip in Israel from the studio in Nijkerk. Mirjam lives in kibbutz Nahal Oz, near the border with Gaza. She had a terrifying weekend and several residents of Nahal Oz have been killed or kidnapped. Benjamin Philip is director of the humanitarian aid organization Hineni in Jerusalem. He shares about the impact the attack has on Israel.


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