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The Odds of odd-even:

It is no help- oddly enough!


Lalitpur, January 21-

As the COVID cases rose swiftly last week, the District Administration Authorities of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur decided to reimpose the Odd/Even rule for traffic movement, which will come into effect tonight, that is Friday midnight.

The reason behidn this odd/even rule is that it will lessen the number of people and their movement.

But what seems to have failed the common sense is that decreasing the vehicle increases the proportion of the passengers!

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The odds of this odd/even to prove effective is slender, hindsight and commons senses indicates.

Yet, the administration, if merely to show they are in it, has enforced this ineffective rule, oddly enough!

What they should do is speed up vaccinaction and lessen the crowd of people.



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