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The plight of people has me weep over many a sleepless night-

I am here for good and for the good of the people!


September 04, Kathmandu-

The interview by Himal Basnet of TV Today on August 19 took an emotional turn as the journalist asked me if I’ve ever been troubled by the plight of the nation.

As one who deeply cares for the life, liberty, dignity and happiness of the commn man, of each individual, I could not help but be deeply moved by the question. And expressed my feelings, my ideological stand and commitment for civic liberties and constitutional supremacy.

Many friends and good wishers have called and/or spoken to me about this interview.

It will remain my commitment for politics for the people.

The program is called Labyrinth or Squarred Maze/Plan (चक्रव्यूह), and the questions were real tough, starting with the very first question- if we were in politics as business. But this set the tone of the discourse as I got an opportunity to clarigy business/trade, market economy is a good thing for prosperity of any nation. And we are in politics for business- for delivery- so that all may engage in their own business without unnecessary red-tapism and state control.

Video courtesy: TV Today:


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