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The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist see what he has come to see. -G. K. Chesterton

When one realizes that his life is worthless he either commits suicide or travels. -Edward Dahlberg

Nepal’s name is in lights once again thanks to the travel experts at Lonely Planet, who named the country as No.1 best value destination for 2017 and No.5 on their hot list of countries to visit next year. Nepal is a Himalaya republic situated between Tibet (China) to the north and India to the south. The elevation of the country varies from 60 meters above sea level to the highest point on earth: Mount Everest with its peak at 8848 meters, all within a distance of 150 km with climatic conditions ranging from subtropical to arctic.

This wild variety of ecosystem, the greatest mountain range on earth, thick tropical jungles teeming with a wealth of wildlife, thundering rivers and forested hills.
The country offers an wide diversity of sightseeing attractions and adventure opportunities rarely found elsewhere: excellent trekking possibilities, mountaineering, beautiful Newari architecture, jungle tours, spectacular rafting and bungy jumping amongst many other possibilities.
The population of Nepal is around 30 million people. This population is a potpourri of ethnic groups and sub-groups who speak over seventy languages and dialects. The main religion is Hinduism, followed by Buddhism.
A lot of festivals are being celebrated in the country. Some of the largest/most important festivals are Dashain, Tihar, Maha Shivaratri, Teej amongst others. Visiting Nepal during an important festival will be a very special experience.

Top places in places to visit when you are there…

Kathmandu and the surrounding hills for a short holiday of culture and hills

The old royal city of Bakhtapur

The Boudanath Stupa, the largest of its kind in the world and dating back to the 6th century

The town of Pokhara, gateway to the Himalayas and trekking in the Annapurna sanctuary

Wildlife safari in Chitwan national park

Hiking in Langtang national park for superb mountain scenery, cedar forests, villages and wildlife

Everest region and a trek to the base of the highest mountain in the world

Lumbini to visit the birthplace of Buddha

Easy trekking in the lower Himalayas of solu Khumbu to see where the Sherpa people live and farm

You can read the officila website of Visit Nepal 2020 here:

VN tabloid here:

One hundred and eight larger than life sculptures of yeti, the official mascot of the Visit Nepal Year 2020, will be displayed within and outside the country to celebrate Visit Nepal 2020.

Inauguration of Visit Nepal Year 2020 will be held in Dashrath Stadium, Tripureshwor. There will be various musical performances of traditional ensembles and cultural performances by various organizations and cultural groups. Right Hon. President of Nepal will light up the Flame of Unity while Hon. Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, will launch the VNY Viber stickers on smartphones.

Similarly, all seven provinces will also have events to mark the start of VNY 2020.

Gavin Bate wrote: “I started visiting Nepal in the late 1980s when you had to fly into Delhi, then take the three day bus journey to get to Kathmandu. It was a real adventure and going into the Himalayas had the cachet of being a trip into the wild. it was never going to be a mass tourism destination though, the Kingdom in those days had the scent of exotic about it and of course the link with the old hippy trail from the Sixties.

One element of the country that has never changed though, thankfully, is the innate friendliness of the local people, who have a reputation for being warm and inviting and helpful.” (

Tourist destinations are most important for the tourists, travelers, trekkers, individuals, groups, and families to enjoy their holidays. There are many tourist destinations in the world. Among them, Nepal is one of the best tourist destinations to spend the holidays. The world is a small village now due to the development of high technology. That makes people easy to travel all over the world. But the difficult part of the travel is selecting the best tourist destinations. Travel is also a way to spend money that we collect from the hard work for the enjoyment and relax. Different people have different interests and hobbies. Some people like comfortable trekking and tour; some like adventure sports and activities and some like climbing upon the rock, peak, and mountains. Some tourists are interested in volunteer and study tour. Nepal is one of the destinations in the world where that meets the various interets of the tourists.

Trekking: Nepal offers many different types of best trekkings for the trekkers to enjoy their holiday. There are many easy treks, long and short treks and adventure treks. Nepal is the best and world famous in trekking trips as it has the world’s highet peak Mount Everest, eight mountains above 8000 meters. 

Tour: Nepal is very rich in culture and adventure tour. We have breathtaking Himalayas, beautiful green hills and amazing villages in the mountain, hill and terai, plain regions.  The temples and Stupas are the major attraction of the culture and architecture tour in Nepal. In 20 kilometers radius, there are seven world heritage sites declared by the UNESCO.

Rafting: Nepal is the second biggest in river system in the world. Nepal has many thundering rivers with easy rapids to really challenging white or wild rapids. For the rafters, Nepal is best destination in the world.

Climbing: Of 14 highest mountains above 8000 meters in the world, Nepal alone has eight such mountains. There are 310 mountains opend by the government for climbing, including the highest mountain of the world ‘Mount Everest’. For the peak climbers, we have more than 1300 easy to hard peaks.

Wildlife adventure: Nepal is the home of the one-horned rhino as well as west Bengal tigers. Nepal offers many flora and fauna. Elephant ride is the best adventure trip in Nepal’s National Parks to watch the wildlife.

Volunteer or study tour:  Nepal is one of the underdeveloped countries in the world. It has many social and economic issues and poverty to deal with. Being a post-conflict country, the political and social tension is yet to be mitigated. Victims of the armed-conflict are yet to get justice. Therefore, the country is an option for the volunteers to make a study tour in different parts of Nepal on various themes and issues.


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