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Must read for understanding Israel-Palestine conflict historically and scripturally


October 11, Kathmandu-

As the Islamic Resistance Movement or Hamas (Ḥarakah al-Muqāwamah al-ʾIslāmiyyah), a Palestinian militant Islamist group made terrorist attacks on Israel on last Saturday, October 7, many are at a loss as to why this bloodshed is happening.

We plan to bring out a series of articles covering the history, geography, religion and archaeology of the land of and around Israel to shed light on this perennial issue.

But first, let us introduce two relevant books, both available in English and Nepali, for any who want to know more deeply about the Jews, Israel, Palestine and the conflicts around them.

Many  believe that it is good to support Israel, but they may not know “WHY ?” Therefore, we bring these two books and their central message, brief though it may be, to you in this first instalment of Why Israel? series, and we want to bring out The Hidden Truth, no more, no less.
Why Israel answers the critical questions and presents the essential reasons why Israel matters to God, to Christians and to the world. The information in this booklet will help you combat the lies of Replacement Theology and the falsehoods promoted by the BDS movement.

The Hidden Truth brings into light the truth of the oneness of all human blood, why discrimination is utterly foolish and sinful, why the Jews are advanced in every field, and how we can battle our backwardness and poverty in Nepal and other lands.

The authors of both books have extensively researched, studied, visited and gleaned first-hand knowledge of their subject matter.

The first book is Why Israel? by Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer, President of International Christian Concern based in the Netherlands.

The contents of the book are revealing:

Israel: God’s firstborn — The covenants with Israel — The judgment of innocent bloodshed — A new covenant — The first “until:” Until the son of David comes — The second “until:” Until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled — The third “until:” Until the church has come in — The root of anti-Semitism — The land of Israel — Jerusalem and the temple — Your kingdom come — Peace.
The Appendix provides a detailed time line from ancient history to the Roman, Christian, Ottoman eras.
The second book is The Hidden Truth, by Rev. Dambar Adhikari, who resides in Germany and leads a global missionary entity.

The Hidden Truth is a scholarly, sociologically challenging book which, true to its name, tries to uncover the truth that despite apparent differences, humanity has one and the same ancestry.

Provoking claims about Aryan and Mongol history, ubiquity of the hexagon (Star of David), trades and skills being associated with the Jews, the meaning and significance behind various symbolisms and artifacts and much more can be found in the book. Interestingly, the book lays bare striking, even identical similarities between and among various cultural practices, and shows that the Mongols are the Bene-Ephraim, the sons of Ephriam, and that so-called untouchables or Dalits are from the tribe of Levi, whereas the various communities in Central India called Bene-Israel certainly are Jews.

Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: A Mongolian history; Chapter 3: Untouchable history; Chapter 4: History of the Shah dynasty; Chapter 5: Aryan history; Chapter 6: Law of Religion; Chapter 7: Political Foundation; Chapter 8: Indian Brahmins and Struggle Among Jew Dalits; Chapter 9: Jewish lifestyle in Nepal; Conclusion.

Also, the book analyzes the caste and complexion system in a fresh light that is liberating. It is a must read book for anyone who wants to grasp the meaning behind various cultural practices, misconceptions surrounding them, and the true way out for a higher human dignity and a better world.

Where can they be found: Why Israel @Message of Hope Nepal., Nakhu, Lalitpur +977-1-5591865, 5590147 +977-1-9808204870, 9851181147

The Hidden Truth @Hope Fellowship, Mahalaxmisthan, Lalitpur. 9849496482



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