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A Tale of Three Kings: Timless Relevance-

A Time for Soul-search


September 1, Kathmandu-

As I visited the election commission today, for verifying whether some of our party members had lodged any file there, I was reminded of the story A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards. I was frightened by the pig-headed stubborness, anger, pride, and holier-than-thou attitude lurking so subtly within our very being, our very DNA!

Too many people have experienced pain, loss, hurt and heartache at the hands of other believers and leaders. A Tale of Three Kings is a unique book. It is a retelling of the stories of David, Saul and Absalom that provides comfort and clarity to the broken-hearted.

This book is divided into two main parts. The first part is the retelling of the story of King Saul and David. David has been anointed as the next king of Israel, but Saul is still king. Edwards goes into the heart and inner thoughts of David. To prepare David to be the next king, God has enrolled him in the school of brokenness. What do you do when someone throws a spear at you?

The second part is the next chapter in David’s story. It retells the conflict of King David and his rebellious son, Absalom. What do you do when you have the chance to throw the spear first and crush the rebellion before it starts? Do you do it?

Both stories offer an inner struggle of a leader. It also exposes the pain, hurt and constraint of David’s heart. This shows us that God wants leaders who have lived in pain. “God wanted a broken vessel.” This theme, among others, should encourage us as servant leaders – whether we have been hurt before or have the potential to hurt others.

At times when we feel unheard, neglected, mis-prortrayed, and are outright accused, we want to react. But letting god and letting God is the win-win formula, though difficult to abide by.

How best can we truly act for reconciliation and justice? How can we be th bearers of hope and a future for the nation(s)? Such questions always loom large over me- in my personal as well as political life. And I plan not to run away from confrontations, but to seek peace and justice at the same time.

SUP symbol guitar signifies celebration and joy, whereas JPN symbol torchight symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment. NLM (RMA) symbol star sym

bolizes timless national pride, while APMP symbol heart symbolizes love. Sadly, all  seem to have failed to bring neither joy nor enlightenment, nor liberation nor love to the faith community and the nation at large.

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-Bidur Adhikari

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