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Christian Engagement in Politics and the Way Forward-

A seminal interaction to be held!


May 05, Lalitpur-

Christian Reporters Club is going to organize an important interaction programme themed “Christian Engagement in Politics and the Way Forward” that is, “राजनीतिमा ख्रीष्टियनहरूको सहभागिता र अबको विकल्प”.

The convenor of the program confided, the Christian community could play a decisive role in, contribute to and lead the national politics for the good of the people at large, but the petty divisions have marred such hopes. Therefore, the programe is intended to cut clear of the confusion, highlights the possibities and launch the prospective politicisn into the limelight and create a common understanding and consens in the community.

The scribe was approached last week by the club team for an interview, plus some serious deliberation on the issue took place, which played a key role in bringing the stakeholders together.

The club team or the initiators have met some people in the field and have posted on social media about the meetings.

According to a source, some media persons and communitry represnetatives are also planning to call for a national gathering regarding the potential Christian involvement in politics anew.

Some are pondering over joining the Rashtriya Swatantar Party (RSP) led by the charismatic but controversial leader Rabi Laamichhane while othere are more caution in their approach, gauging the waters for now.

The community, now claiemd to be the second only to the Hindu community in terms of numbers, is becoming a decisive vote base for any political party in the country- whether one likes it or not- said Prem B Karki, a political aspirant and activist since last year.

“We need to come together and be a force to econ with,” Sailesh Dindayal, another influential religious leader and activist confided in a meeting.

Dr. BP Khanal who is leading Janajagaran Party Nepal allegedly visited the religious and political centers in the South and North Americas last month and received their mandates for a faith-based and faith-led but inclusive, democratic politics.

The scribe being privy to the meetings and deliberations can only confide so much for the moment, given the volatile and sensitive nature of the dialogues going on in many fronts, from provinces, to among the faith-led parties, to the progressive democrative alliance to the RSP- all at once.

Yet, we do not intend to keep our readership in the dark and the community in the limbo, so we dare to piblsih commentaries from time to time.


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