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Rehearsal of Unification at odd hours-

Survival mode or forced for political powers?


October 24, Kathmandu-

A week is a long time in politics.

Enemy of enemy is your friend!

“There are no lasting friends or foes in politics!”

“Everything is fair and acceptable in politics!”

These dictums seems to be coming true, allegedly.

So, are the one time thoat cut competitors- if not enemies outright- but detractors and vehement critics of one another certainly- JPN and APMP, joined by the defectors/ousted ones of SUP, are storming to form a unified front?

That possibility may not be very far. A week is a long time in politics. And the erstwhile enemies may be coming together!

It will be inetresting to see how they will fare in the long run, but may impact some in the elections at the corner.

Hexagon, torchlight, heart, and guitar – these may all come together for the good of all, or some of them will come together against the other.



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