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Civic Party in the offing-

Merely a political gambit or a true republican force?


August 08, Kathmandu-

A new political is ready to be registered- any one interested in the political efforts within the Nepali faith community can easily concluded.

A couple days back, one of the key players of the new initiative posted some pages from the party’s manifesto and also conducted a public feedback regarding the election symbol of the party. Initiallly it was baned Civic Rights Party (नागरिकअधिकार पार्टी) and with the suggestion from experts from abroad and home, we decided to cut it short to CIvic Party (नागरिक पार्टी) which actually broadens its scope, said Bidur Adhikari the political strategist.

Looking at the feedback, overwhelming majority has supported the new party; only a handful were concerned about its symbol, and the naysayers could be counted on the fingers- confided the General Secretary of the proposed party.

Some leaders have expressed concerns that we may end up letting the hope and expectations of the leaders down. They desire for a public deliberation on the issues and policies and roadmap to be adopted- which is a good sign, a sign of maturity.

“We have met and sat with many leaders and sought their advice and support- they are   positive towards the initiative,” one of the leaders told the scribe.

Indra Rai who once chaired Province 1 is plahying vital role in calling leaders and cadres from other parties home, and strongly warned in the March meeting that any one who does not come to dialogue and understanding will be taken action against in the Province, they will be declared persona-non-grata!

Prem Karki who deserted then SUP and has been making every effort to bring all sides to the table of dialogue is now leading the Civic Party group, and claims he does not desire for chairmanship, but is forced to assume the role for the interim.

Bidur Adhikari- one time Lincoln College lecturer in English and a political theoretician/activist, is giving voice and shape to the politcal initiatives and lately to the Civic Party.

Many are hopeful about the efforots and opine that given the closed minsdet of the erstwhile faith-led parties, the new one could be a beacon of light and hope.

The road ahead is not much optimistic and easy- but there would not be any joy and challenge if it were so. Political brinkmanship expects and accepts such challenges and thrives against them.


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