Conflict in FNCN gets spilled-

Ethics and misdemeanour cited as the root cause


July 31-

Federation of National Christian (FNCN), one of the three major entities of the faith community, has been in the news for almost a yeara now- and mostly disputable resasons.

Today, the last nail on the coffin was driven, so to speak, on the legitimacy of the establishment as the opposing faction held a press meet and releaed a two page long communique detailing the demeanours of the now allegedly ousted chair CB Gahatraj.

The two factions have been using the logo, banner and stamp of the organization for entirely opposing claims which has confused the community.

Uddhav Chimoriya has been set up as the acting chair, Mrs Doma Rai as co-chair and Gyanendra Raj Sapkota as the spokesperson of the dissident group which claims they are the legal majority. The same held the press release programme today in Lalitpur, claiming and clarifying they are the FNCN proper.

On the other hand, the faction led by Mr Gahatraj has published press release accusing the other group as unruly and having no legitimacy. Moreover, they are accused of misuing the minute and stamp of FNCN, and having no membership at all! But one wonders how they were appointed at the vital posts by the chair if they had no membership in the first place.





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