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Nepali Christian community rife with dissensions


Kathmandu ,February 04-

Yesterday only, there was news on social media that yet another political party has been registered at the Election Commission.

In a pluralistic political system which espouses multi-party democracy, it is natural for a political party to be set up for achieving the purported goal of nation building. Yet, what is concerning is that the party is exclusively for representing a minority community, the Christian community to be precise.

And some mediapersons from the same community have been brainstorming these weeks for the said noble casue of unification or at least collaboration among the parties and factions from the same commuity. Or among the parties led by officials from the same community. This week end is expected to bring a clear decision- whether for good or bad, whether for unity or for all sides to continue their efforts on ther own.

The community at large may not be able to discern what is the real motive behind ll this efforts of unification, or the alleged registration of new party. But some have already remarked that all tkis is set up as a launching pad to catapult some ambitious players into communal politics, which is already being claimed by an existing party which uses the name of the Messiah- claiming itself to be the political Messiah!

One can only wait until the local and federal elctions to see how much influence or base these parties have. JPN has the history of sending one Constituent Assembly member from proportionate electoral roll in 2013.

Among them National Liberation Movement is the oldest party established in 2008, JPN established in 2013, and APMP in 2017.

Social Unity Party is just registered, as the news has it.

Among them JPN has declined to identify itself as a Christian or any communal party, whereas APMP is so by its vey claims and nomenclature, NLM is so by its leadership while SUP is led by the incumbent chair of FNCN, a Christina federation.

So far, JPN has identified itself as a democraic capitalist, consitutionalist force committed to peaceful process of transformation for prosperity. Oter parties are yet to finalize or publish their party line in a clear cut palance, and are fiddling with the sentiment of the minority community.



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