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Documents necessary for candidates in Proportional Election System-

"Preparation is at war footing" - SUP


September 09, Kathmandu-

Since Election Commission published the notice for preparing candidacy for proportional election system, political parties are rushing to finalize the PR list candidates.

Self-declaration and Letter of Consent (स्वघोषणा तथा मञ्जुरिनामा पत्र)

So, what are the necessary procedure and documentations for candidacy?

First of all, the candidate to be must be eligible. Then they should submit self-declaration and permission letter, indicating their willingness to paricipate from a given party, and disclose their real estate or landed property.

Then the party Central (Executive) Committee must attest to the candidate with a verified minute.

Finally, the party needs to fill in the Excel Sheet provided by the Election Commission, and provide both electronic and hard copies of the documents and details. Once a candidate is listed, they cannot be pulled down, but may be upfraded.

SUP candidcay preparation meet today

Then the EC staff will check for the authenticity and wholess of the details, then there will be a time for lodging illegibility complainst, corrections and final lsit.

While approached by the scribe about technical glitches and help there on, the an EC official said that they will be ready throughout the fortnight to help fill the forms.



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