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JPN Holds its Second Central Convention as a Republican force

-Delivery, Rule of Law, and Inclusion as distinctives


December 30, Dhading-

Janajagaran Party Nepal (JPN) held its Second Central Convention on 29-30 December at Dhading Besi, Dhading District of Province 3 (Bagmati Province).
The Convention was preceded by the Standing Committee final prep meeting, finalizing the party’s Manifesto and brush up work on the party’s Constitution.
The Convention started with an inaugural ceremony which was originally planned at the Open Ground (Khulla Manch) but was moved to the auditorium hall of a local hotel as it rained throughout the day. Attended by representatives from the seven Provinces, the programme was ably emceed by the Secretary General of the party Mr. Roshan (T. P.) Khatiwada, presided over by the party Chair Dr. BP Khanal.
Local artists presented various cultural dance performaces as part of the welcome.
After the closure of the inauguration, closed session of the representatives pored over the manifesto, effectively shifting from the party’s ‘ideal socialism’ to a fully republican, constitutionalist, pro-limited government and unrestrained civic liberties as regards faith, conscience expression and publication- to list a few.
The Consitution of the party was also slightly amended to incorporate the concept of team decision, servant leadership, and holistic/transformative development that incorporates the spiritual and the material and social as embodied by the party’s greeting “Shalom!” Incidentally, “Shalom” is a salutatory greeting that wishes peace and harmony that is true and abiding, when an individual is able to live in peace and love with/for herself/himself, with others, and with the Divine.
The party’s definitive characteristics are its recognition of the sanctity of human life, inviolability of individual freedom and conscience, property and choice, and commitment to peaceful and ethical approach in politics at all costs.
Viewed this, JPN is probably the only political party that clearly negates an atheistic/materislistis worldview espoused by communists/socilalists on the one hand, and religious-communal divisive politics that is rampant in this part of the world, on the other.
The newly elected central committee has 31 officials, with provision for needed officials to be nominated.
Officials from other parties like Nepali Congress, Communist Party (UML) and AP Mesiha resigned their posts/roles in their respective parties and joined JPN in the inaugural, and were welcome with a certificate of membership.
At a time when even one time largest party like the CPN (Maoist) was forced to overnight change its meeting into convention, JPN is among the very few parties to retain a good standing with the Election Commission by updating its audits and holding Central Convention on a timely basis.
Newly Elected Central Executive Committee:
1) Dr. BP Khanal – Central Chairperson
2) Mr Sunil Maharjan – Senior Vice-chair
3) Mr Dwarika Shrestha – Vice-chair
4) Mr Roshan (T.P.) Khatiwada – General Secretary
5) Mr Hirakaji Maharjan – Treasurer
6) Mr Bidur Adhikari – Deputy General Secretary (& Spokesperson)
7) Mr Abhishek (Purushottam P) Uprety – Under General-secretary
8) Ms Liliyo Maharjan – Under General-secretary
9) Mr Devendra Singh Dongol – Under General-secretary
10) Mr Kal Bahadur BK – Deputy Treasurer
11) Mr Chrong Tamang – Deputy Treasurer
12) Mr Raju Nepal – Chief Secretary
13) Mr Ananda Bahadur PM – Secretary
14) Mr M. D. Satar – Secretary
15) Ms Chandra Maya (Elie) Shrestha – Under-secretary
16) Binda Katuwal – Under-secretary
Central Executive Committe Members:
17) Mr Rameshwar Yadav
18) Mr Man P Jaisi (Manoj)
19) Mr Lila Raj Shrestha
20) Mr Ram Bahadur Moktan
21) Mr Prem B. Sahi
22) Mr Sawal Sunuwar
23) Ms Urmila Pathak Rai
24) Mr Ujjwal Nembang
25) Mr Sher B. Tamang
26) Mr Gopal Tamang
27) Mr Dhan B. BK
28) Mr Tek B. Sunar
29) Mr Samuel BK
30) Mr Suresh Kumar Baniya
31) Ram B. Katuwal
“And much thanks to all those who made it possible amidst not so conducive times.
Huge congratulations to all the officials!
Good wishes and messages for the success of the Convention were received from various parties, networks and eminent personages.
Nepal Bibeksheel Party, Sachet Nepali Party, Nepal Sushan Abhiyan sent greeting messages. Also, Prof. Uttam Gaulee from the US, Maryland, Baltimore expressed his greetings and pleasure that a democratic force focused on delivery and good governance has emerged in Nepali political spectrum. Similarly, Dr Jaywant Vikram Shah- founder and Supreme Commander of Rashtriya Mukti Andolan; Sushil Bhatta- General Secretary of NCCFN also expressed greetings to the same.
Shalom!” – reads the party’s official facebook page, recounting the historic central convention of the party.
JPN facebook page:
Certificate of responsibility being handed over:

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