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Education is the gift no one can snatch from you

-Child prodigy celebrity writes on education


December 2, Kathmandu-

Essays may not be of much interest for students to write and teachers/readers to read, but the other day my elder daughter Jessica showed me one on the Importance of Education.

Her hobbies include watch documentaries, make videos, lead and conduct programmes, make speeches, travel and tourism, among others. She is an inspiration and a challenge to be around as she can give informed assessement of almost any topic of the world- from science to religion, celebrities to poverty.

Here is her essay in its entirety, and some snapshots.

Jessica’s speech here:



Education is a gift of knowledge. Many people in this world don’t get education. A well-educated person could change the world and turn it into a world 10 times better than it is right now. If people who are well-educated work harder, they could be the new “Elon Musk”.

If someone is the worthy-owner of billions of dollars, h/she could stop spending it in unnecessary things and use it in building more schools around poor areas, and providing education for children who would be happy to learn, and by donating uniforms, books, copies and all, to the people who need them.

There’s a story about a boy named Henry Whattson. He was a young boy borin in poverty and could only drink water 3 times in a week and eat once in a week. He and bis family were so poor that they couldn’t even rent a small room. They were that poor that they couldn’t even buy a bottle of water.

But one day everything changed for the family when a rich wealthy person moved in next door. He was a very kind man, who cared avout others abd he couldn’t bear to see his neighbour suffer poverty that much that he thought about giving them everything that is needed to make them happy. He gave them the gift of education, and education only. And why did he do that? Becasue the gift of education could provide them more than necessary and make them much richer than he is in the future.

This is the example of Henry the poor boy who became a millionnaire just becasue he got the gift of education so if you have the gift of education that your parents work hard to provide, don’t waste your time in anything else. If you keep the gift of education and work hard with it, you could become the world’s best person.

Education is the gift no one can snatch from you and if they can don’t let go of it. Hold onto it until you can’t becasue education is the gift more expensive and worthy than silver, gold or even diamond.

-Jessica Adhikari, Grade 5, New Creation Secondary School, Lalitpur



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