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Election Commission Publishes the Annexes for propotional election system for HoR and PA-

Scheduled castes, classes, ethnicities, women and PWD to be fairly included


August 29, Kathmandu-

The Election Commission of Nepal has published detailed Annexes for the proportional election system for the House of Representative and Provincial Assembly.

The Annexes have outlined in minute details how the parties are to provide nominations from various categories in each province so as to ensure fair representation and inclusion to the aboriginals and ethnic groups, Khas Arya, Dalit, Madheshis, Muslims and Women, minority, backward and otherwise disadvantaged people group or geography.

The Election Commission, when asked by the scribe who himself is active in a party, about the publication of the annexes and the needed clarification, has told him the afternoon only that the Annexes will be available soon, and discussion with party officials will be held next weeks.

The Annexes sure seem complicated, especially given the culture that certain ethnicities and geographies are not duly recognized as proper human and citizens, sadly. But such annexes now will force the parties and the voters to accept the identity and dignity of all the marginalized people groups, let’s hope.

House of Representative Annex 12 can be found here: PR-HOR सबै अनुसूचीहरु  

Provincial Assembly Annext 13 can be found here: PR-PA सबै अनुसूचीहरु


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