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JPN opts to faction out of the unification process: breach of agreement cited as the apparent reason-

Inefficency of and disciplinary action on some officials real cause


August 6, Kathmandu-

Janajagaran Party Nepal, led by Dr BP Khanal, has officially decided to end the unification process with Social Unity Party.

Last week, the JPN leadership consisting of the chair Khanal who was the General Secretary at SUP – chaired  by CB Gahatraj- after the unification, and who was promoted to Senior Joint Chairmanship and soon to Joint Chairmanship after his absence at the party’s Standing Committee meeting, Sunil Maharjan who was outsed by SUP becasue of the vandalism he had caused at the party office (threatening the office staff) along with some other officials organized a press meet and declared separation. They also accused SUP leadership of breach of the agreement and financial misconduct.

But the disciplinary action taken against some of the officials seems to be the real reason. It is something of a curiosity that then General Secretary did not condemn the violent activities of then senior vice chair, who was advised by the team to relieve himself from the responsibility of pary organization department.

The Christian community at large, which was happy to see the unification, is saddened by this rupture.

Now it remains to see how the parties move ahead. Looking at the sad low level attack on character and personal issues, it is unlikely that the two would be ready for reunification any time sooner.

This split has cost JPN much, as it has lost then General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Vice-chair, Joint Treasures, and soem E. C. members. Notably, the faction has faulted itself by remaining absent from the meetings called after the understanding between the Chair and then general Secretary. The subsequent meetinsg then moved into vacating the positions of the absentees and promoting new officials, and designating “Guitar” as SUP election symbol, soon followed by DSA also adopting the same symbol.

Now it remains to see if the community leders have something up their sleeve to address the issue and work something up.

SUP has released its pointed yet descriptive enough policy and strategy programme last week.



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