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Enroll your name in the Voter List online today-

Voter ID card procurement made easy


August 06, Kathmandu-

People in the Kathmandu valley can register their names on the voters list online. Those who do not have their names on the list yet but are qualified to vote need to visit the election commission site and apply for registration. Online voter list pre-registreration and update link here: <>.

This link will land you on two options: new registration, and update and transference. Choose the first one if you are to register for teh first time, and the second option if you want to update or have moved to a new loaction.
For this you need a mobile number registered in your own name on which you will get a 4 number OTP (One Time Password) which you need to fill on the site.
Then you will access the online form to fill.
EC Nepal press release: Press Release 2079-03-28
The scribe took his family member to the nearest venue to the office of district election commission, Staff College, Lalitpur.

You need to fill the online form, download and print it, and sign it, and take it to the commission’s office. Then it takes only about 10-15 minutes for the staff there to take your electronic photograph and thumb print, and it costs 10 rupees for the ticket.

Photo being taken and electronic thumb print being registered
One needs to carry only the form and his/her citizenship certificate (carry a carbon copy /photocopy of your citizenship in case their photocopier is not functioning). If married spouse, then also carry marriage registration certifcate, and if migrated to a new location, carry migration certificate also.
The staff then will provide you the half portion (अर्धकट्टी) from the form with your voter id number, which you need to keep safe and show it to the election commissons’s office in your own district to get the Voter ID Card. But even if you are not able to get the card for some reason, you can prove your idendity by showing your citizenship certificate or PAN Card or Driving License or Passport.
Any Nepali citizen who has attained 18 years of age can apply for the Voter ID Card.



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