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FNCN internal conflicts gets spilled over-

Doma and CB's releases dominate the social site!


February 28-

This last day of February seems full of events and shocks- from counter releases to forestalling communications at the home front to foiled coup attepmt against Putin in Russia!

Two days earlier, FNCN published a press release to the effect clarifying CB Gahatraj re-assuming its chairmanship, and seeking support from all concerned.

Today, the Acting Chair Dolma Rai issued another release refuting the previous release as unethical, and seeking support from all stakeholders.

CB Gahatraj’s press release only notes the dates Doma Rai was appointed ass the Acting Chair from Asoj 29 to Fagun 14, during which period the chair was engaged in other works, and now resumes his office. Interestingly enough, CB’s release does not formally thank Doma Rai for her tenure, nor notes the end of her tenure as Acting Chair.

Doma Rai, FNCN Acting Chair

In contrast, Doma’s release is comparatively longer and clarifies that she was handed the responsibility of leading FNCN until the next general convention. Also, she criticizes the abrupt, unnotified termination of her office as ‘monopolistic’, and opposes it vehemently, condemns it and expresses sorrow over it. She further refuses to acknowledge the unconstitutional release by CB which does not have the endorsement by the executive committee, and reiterates her commitment to rule, procedure and decorum.

Here are the two press releases:

Now, we need to wait and see how this conflict drama unfolds, and what kinds of shoddy and/shady characters will be left bare in its wake.

Many have expressed solidarity with Acting Chair Doma Rai, while some commented she should have known better when here predecessor Philemon Chhetri was ousted.

Also, CB Gahatraj is the chair of SUP (SOcial Unity Party) too, which also faced humiliating defeatt, or rather biycutt due to many allegations of fraud on him, and his failure to provide the land for the church which had paid him for the land. How will he handle the party, it is undertain, but we will not stay under his leadership anymore, confided a senior official of the party when asked about this.

The dealing and charatcter of once political hopeful CB Gahatraj has thus come under irreparable suspicion and disrepute, to say the least, a senior leader commented.



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