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NCFN and NCS declare end of collaboration MoU with FNCN, citing the internal dispute and factions in the latter

Gahatraj ousted from FNCN, has filed a case against the other faction


September 23, Kathmandu-

National Churches Fellowship of Nepal (NCFN) and Nepal Chrsitian Society (NCS) declared end of collaboration MoU with FNCN yesterday, citing the internal dispute and factions in the latter.
CB Gahatraj outser notice by FNCN faction led by Uddhav Chimoriya and Gyanendra Sapkota was published on page 6 of Kantipur national daily.
In fact, the ousting of CB Gahatraj on grounds of immoral behavior and threats and embezzlement was already fixed but the notice was postponed as the CDO wanted the two factions to come to an agreement, a source confided to the scribe.
But the FNCN page still run by Gahatraj faction has published yet another press release, claiming the other two are no longer FNCN members and that a case is filed  in the court and due for heharing.
Yesterday, all religous community leaders sign peace and harmony agreement in the presence of the Home Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha. The release calls for restraint on the part of all and the need for harmony among the faith communities.
Quite a roller coaster week indeed, as one commented!

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