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How To Command Respect In Front of Anyone:

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December 7, Kathmandu-

How To Command Respect In Front of Anyone (in any Situation):
1. Treat yourself with respect.
People are looking to you to determine how they can treat you and what they can get away with. Treat yourself with respect.
2. Be worthy of being respected.
Do the difficult things, have the hard conversations, be a man of your word, and live in integrity with who you are and what you’re saying. Show them your worth.
3. Communicate the expectations.
Communicate the expectations verbally or non-verbally. Communicate with the people who you are trying to command respect from what the expectation is.
4. Uphold the expectation.
If you don’t uphold the expectation, it’s not an expectation. If there is an expectation, there’s a line you need to keep in place. If you don’t, you’re not going to get the respect you deserve.
5. Remove from your life those who refuse to respect you.
Even If you maintain first four steps there will always be people in your life who will never respect you. It’s challenging. It’s tough. It’s not fun. But you need to ELIMINATE them.
12 Important unspoken rules in life everyone should know
1.. Don’t interrupt when someone is talking.
2.. Don’t judge someone by their appearance.
3.. Always respect someone’s personal space.
4.. Never assume something about someone.
5.. Apologize when you’re wrong.
6.. Don’t talk badly about someone behind their back.
7.. Be honest, even if it’s hard.
8.. Don’t gossip or spread rumors.
9.. Don’t stare or make inappropriate comments.
10.. Treat others how you want to be treated.
11.. Offer help when you can.
12.. Don’t let your anger control your actions.
Courtesy: Wisdom G Oyakemefa :

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