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Human Rights and Freedom of Religion or Belief in a Democracy-

Seminar on seminal issue kick started today


June 05, Kathmandu-

A seminar on “Human Rights and Freedom of Religion or Belief in a Democracy” was inaugurated today at Hotel Himalaya, where the Chief Guest was Minister Surendra Raj Acharya, attended by MPs, ex-MPs and religious leaders from various faith communities.  MP of Madness Pradesh Satish Kumar Singh, National Assembly member Prakash Pantha, Ex NA member a d human rightist Ram Narayan Bidary and many others addressed the seminar after the working paper presented by Dr. BP Khanal.
The paper raised various issues like freedom of religion as the most critical human rights, the threat posed by religious nationalism, saffron politics from India, US foreign department report, and the constitutional restraints. MP Ganga Karki clarified religious freedom is hinged on republicanism and federalism. Pantha acknowledged the process is slow. Ex NA member a d human rightist Ram Narayan Bidary said all religions are the same, the proof being the belief in previous life in all. Indian and Nepali secularism are different, as we intend to safeguard religious freedom. US report is interference in our internal affairs. Hail rights, hail development, he greeted. MP Tek B. Basnet also addressed the seminar and accentuated the need for democratic progress. NHR Commission secretary Murray Khatry mentioned about participatory democracy, claiming process is more important than the person. Since we have not achieved democracy to the full, our human rights also incomplete.

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