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IPFN holds dialogue with National Stakeholders on Issues of Minority Religions:

Constitution is heavily mono-religious - Prof. Dambar Chemjong


Kathmandu, May 30-

Interfaith Peace Federation-Nepal (IPFN) organized a national level dialogue with stakeholders on issues of minority religions at Greenwich Village Hotel today

The programme was facilitated by Prof. Dr. Dambar Chemjong, Head of the  Department of Sociology, Tribhuvan University.

Mr Ramchandra Bhattarai led into the programme, followed by a welcome speech by IPFN Vice-chair Mrs. Seema Khan remarking that no war has ever been broken nor any peace been made except for religion.

Then IPFN General Secretary Dr. Mahendra Bhattarai outlined a brief introduction of IPFN in terms of its vision, mission, values and objectives.

The main session was of quite of a class, with Prof. Chemjong’s dry humor and keen remarks in exposing how Nepali society at large has been moulded by one caste and one religion ideology. He presented a thought-provoking content, clarifying how the constitution of Nepal ended up recognizing Khas Arya specifically, along with cow as the national animal, and mentioning Sanatan Dharma which is perceived to mean the traditional Hindu religion. Thus, despite claiminng to be secular nation, Nepal is actually a Hindu country, he argued. Touching on global scenario and history, he clarified how religions have tried to leverage political powere to expand themselves, and how even the field of sociology was once dominated by so-called evolved, civilized monotheisttic religions. He also posed some probing questions as food for thought for the faith leaders there.

Then followed a QA session where various perspectives were presented by the faith leaders.

The programme was presided over by IPFN chai Mr. Ram Bhakta Kurumbang, attended by ex-state home minister Deepak P. Baskota as the Chief Guest, and representatives of National Human Right Commission, Nepal Law Commission, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Avaiation, NGO federation chair along with religious leaders from various faith communities.

IPFN has been conducting such natrional level dialogues and seminars with think-tanks and experts in related fields.


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