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JPN Welcomes MCC ratification-

All quarters to study the compact in good faith and watchful eyes!


March 03, Lalitpur-

Janajagaran Party Nepal (JPN)- which espouses pluralism and republicanism for peace and prosperity- has  welcomed the ratification of the Millennium Challenge Millennium Challenge Compact (MCC). The party has also congratulated Prime Minister Deuba.

The release published on the party page further states, “We trust and hope that efficient and sincere implementation of the purposed road and transmission line project with the generous grant from United States of America through Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to modernize Nepal’s energy and transportation sectors will be a model of such big project implementation.”

The party has also called “all the discontented parties and quarters to study the compact in good faith and trust, and also keep watchful eyes to ensure the project is implemented as outlined therein and without compromising our dignity as feared by some.”

JPN thanks the American government and the American people who desire to see Nepali people overcome poverty and the deprivations that come with it.

You can read the entire release here:



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