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Let the Talibans prove the world wrong!


August 24, Kathmandu-

Afghanistan is not very far from Nepal, though we don’t have very common, every day interaction with them, save the two countries sharing the SAARC platform. Cultural and historical backgrounds are there to some degree, though. Regardless, we want to see a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan in the region, and have good-will towards the Afghan people of all creeds and polirical leanings.

There is a great anxiety- and angst- concerning the safety of  many who are there in Afghanistan for work related reasons. And now is the time for the rebel group- or rather the establishment now – to exercise restraint in the midst of unexpected victory, and prioritize the safety of any and all people- be it foreigners, or former establishment or commoners.

Let the Talibans- if they be true disciple of submission to the Almighty God, and submit to His authority, not play God and execute unwarranted judgement, but show mercy and grace, and prove us, and the world, and every skeptic and critic wrong this time.

We want peace and safety for all, and now the Talibans are in the power position to ensure chaos does not set in, and people can live in peace.


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