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It happens only in Kathmandu: Mayor orders ban on Christmas trees-

Faith community effectively divided, while sentiments are hurt!


December 11, Kathmandu-

In a move that reminds one of some dictatorship, Kathmandu Metropolitan City mayor Balendra Shah has imposed a diktat-like ban on plastic Christmas trees in public spaces including shopping malls and stalls.

The KMC police have taken action, removing Christmas trees placed at various shopping malls, including Bhatbhateni Supermarket, for example, which used to be quite a sight and a photo shoot occasion for many..

Following the earlier prohibition on the sale and distribution of plastic garlands during the Hindu festival of Tihar, KMC has extended the ban to include plastic Christmas trees. So, some are ardent in proving the Christmas tree ban is just an extension of the plastic items ban. But one who has eyes to see can see that the Tihar plastic garland ban was nowhere as abrupt and strictly implemented as the Christmas tree ban.

This move the plastic Christmas trees from all shopping mall and stall has created quite some division within the faith community.
Some Christians have supported the decision, explaining that Christian faith does not rest on the plastic Christmas trees. As if any Christian worth her/his salt ever believes the Christmas tree is any integral to her/his faith!
Others have criticized the mayor for hurting their religious sentiments, and rightly so, the scribe feels

Birds of a feather flock together

The way some new politicians who rose with demagoguery, playing with the sentiment of the majority culture- like Gyanedndra Shah, after getting inspired by the model of Modi’s BJP in India- it has forced many to take the speech and manifesto of these new players with ld mindset with a pinch of salt.
Some have even gone so far as to comment that RPP, RSP and Balen Shah are of the same Hindutva flaunting breed!
At any rate, the order to remove plastic Christmas trees in the purported objective of controlling pollution, may go beyond that; only time will reveal. That said, taking a step back, and learning from history, all curbing on the expression of one’s faith begin with some innocuous steps…

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